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This is the way the life begins. Not with a plan but a competition. - Dr. Martin Borch Jensen


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News and Announcements

iDEC introduction video is online now!

30 April 2021

The iDEC introduction video is online now. Want to understand iDEC more easily?
Our organizers introduce iDEC for you here!

Opening Ceremony Lecture

October 17 2022

iDEC Festival 2022 is about to start! iDEC senior trustee Prof. Tom Ellis from Imperial College London will give the opening speech, which will be released online on the same day, follow us!

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Awards Ceremony Lectures

October 17 2022

We are proud to announce the iDEC Awards Ceremony Speakers for iDEC Festival 2022. They are Prof. Huimin Zhao from UIUC and Prof. Víctor de Lorenzo from CSIC. It is our great honor to have two scholars as guest speakers. Looking forward to the interaction between senior scientists and young talents. Awards Ceremony Lectures will be an open event, stay tuned for iDEC Awards Ceremony 2022.


What is iDEC?

The International Directed Evolution Competition (iDEC) is an international public welfare initiative dedicated to building a scientific community to facilitate education, technology sharing, and academic exchange.

How did it start?

iDEC is initiated by scientists and students engaged in genetic engineering research. Our initial volunteer team include members from different countries and cultural backgrounds.                            


Engage the academic community
Promote research in Directed Evolution
Encourage best methods and practices
Share protocols and knowledge with peers and experts

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  3. Hands-on Directed Evolution
  4. Meetups
  5. iDEC Festival


Compete in one, two or three areas of Directed Evolution


Enhance biomacromolecule functions

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Optimize metabolic pathways or circuits

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Improve or create new strains

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A Report

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A Poster

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A Presentation

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General Awards

The more you participate, the higher the rank you get.

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Track Awards

To the best evolution machines or outcomes in each track.

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Single Awards

Best hardware, Best software, Best algorithm, etc.
To the best of the best in a unique area.

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Special Awards

To special contributions in reporter systems, genetic diversification methods, or screening strategies.

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To consider biosafety, biosecurity, and ethical issues is crucial to establish suitable precautions.

At iDEC, we are committed to teaching how to conduct research responsibly.

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